A desire and smart of innovative concept, Sala View Hotel is a hotel driven by one desire to create affordable luxury for smart business traveler. By “the people,” we mean a smart new breed of domestic and international traveler, the type who crosses continents the way others cross streets. This includes the weekenders, the suits, fashion baggers and mice . The explorers, adventurers and dreamers. Those who travel the world with big hearts and wide eyes. Those who are independent, yet united by a love of the perfection. Those in search of business, shopping or art. In short, everyone who is a mobile citizen of the nation. Most likely, that also means you.

Our Vision  to be the preferred hotel company and  to treat each and every guest as unique and to deliver tailored as well as sincere services which reflect this uniqueness.

Our Mission is to exceed the expectations of our hotel guests and owners  and to empower our staff to deliver this mission at every level, To provide true and rich hospitality. We make a difference in the lives of those we touch every day – that is our definition of hospitality. We do this in an environment that respects all people and all ideas. We do it in an efficient way that leads to superior results.

Service Excellence 
• to keep our promises
• to never compromise on health & safety issues
• to be aware of the environmental impact of our activities

Customer Intimacy 
• to honor customer commitments at all times
• to build long term partnerships to understand and satisfy our clients current and future needs

• to encourage ideas and fresh thinking
• to promote with colleagues, suppliers and other relevant parties a continuous search for new added value solutions

People Focused
• to create a working environment where merit is the only key to success
• to make teamwork an everyday reality
• to make a clear commitment on development and training